The Dutch Rap Artist, “Godmode” made his childhood passion for music
into his profession.
Famous for his unique sound and incredible ability to freestyle,
he already has a wide range of audience.
Mickey alias Godmode assimilates the big influence Hip-Hop and Rap
has on his life and describes it as:
“one of the best things that’s ever happened to him”.



Collaborating with several artists like: Coopex, TheFifthGuys, Shiah Maisel, 32stitchesmusic, Dyl and BTWRKS, Mickey has multiple tracks exceeding millions of streams.
Covering the whole spectrum from indie to commercial rap he constantly gets hundreds of thousands of streams on releases.
He surely has huge potential of growing in the future.


On Spotify, Godmode grew his audience to over a million monthly listeners while his total plays are exceeding 60 million already. Godmodes next Milestone are the 2 million monthly listeners. With his current growth, this is just a question of a few additional releases. His music is also prominent in multiple high performing playlists like:
Dupstep Don, Bass Arcade and Hype made by Spotify

Labels & Business

Working not only as an independent artist, Godmode has worked with a line of notable Labels in the past.
These include:


Currently in a partnership with Landr, Mickey expands his business from only song releases.